Uncensored Skincare

  At Dark Parts®, understanding skin is key to every single project and effort. Each type of skin is different and always exposed to different factors. Dark Parts®’s extensive research is therefore based on how skin functions, changes and reacts – and how to translate these learnings into effective and highly targeted derma cosmetic products. This is the foundation for Dark Parts®’s unparalleled scientific dedication.

The knowledge of skin functions is the foundation for innovation

Dark Parts® dedicates all of its passion and expertise to skincare. Pioneering innovations, outstanding quality, and excellent compatibility are at the core of the brand and the foundation of its products worldwide. Providing advanced solutions that work for the skin’s needs is Dark Parts®´s commitment. Research & Development plays a key role in this from the start. The Dark Parts® approach to research, development and testing is part of the holistic philosophy for skin science that shows.