Relieves hyperpigmentation: With the KOJi Max XL - 5 in 1 Kojic Acid Soap you can experience relief from imperfections and dark spots to reveal even-toned skin affected by dark knees, dark elbow, dark neck, acanthosis nigricans! The Whitening body bar will eliminate age spots, freckles and any discoloration so you can have the perfectly even skin tone of your dreams and a truly radiant complexion!


PREMIUM QUALITY, NOURISHING INGREDIENTS BLEND: If you are after top quality, your quest stops here! This incredible KOJi Max XL - 5 in 1 Kojic Acid Soap bar features a unique blend of ingredients that will deeply nourish your skin. The papaya fruit extract and glutathione blend will rejuvenate your skin, helping you reduce dark spots and keep your complexion soft, silky smooth, and irresistible!


SKIN LIGHTENING FOR DARK SPOT IN FACE & BODY: Lighten, brighten & whiten skin on the face, neck, inner thighs, dark knees, dark elbows, & dark underarms. Safe & gentle enough for men & women. Use to treat the bikini area, hands, armpits, breasts or the face.


A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY WOMAN: The gentle, nourishing ingredients complex of this natural papaya and glutathione body bar, makes it the perfect choice for you, no matter what your skin type is. Whether you have a dry, oily or sensitive complexion, this body bar is all you need to keep it healthy.


ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: You can use this papaya kojic acid vitamin c, glutathione body bar in many different ways, serving all your needs. Use it on a daily basis, day or night. Take care of your body or your facial skin with it. Enjoy a relaxing shower or a warm bath while using it! The possibilities are countless!



Product Size

1. 150g / 5.29 oz


Main Functions

1. Skin lightening topical 

2. Moisturizing, exfoliate and repair


Main Ingredient

1. Papaya Extract

2. Glutathione

3. Kojic Acid

4. Herbal



  • The topical cosmeceutical product contains effective lightening agents.


  • Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin designed especially for Asian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Hispanic, Black, African and skin types for people of color. The products consistency is that of a serum or emulsion.  This product yields best results when used with the Dark Parts Charcoal Bamboo exfoliating glove.

  • The KOJi Max XL - 5 in 1 Kojic Acid Soap  for the body effective in relieving symptoms associated with Dark Circles, Black Skin under eye, velvet skin patches, and with a help of high concentration of whitening active ingredients process, lightens melanin pigment.

  • Extreme care must be given when treating Hyperpigmentation in darker skin types, as this skin is particularly prone to PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) to work to decrease under eye darkness, dark spots, aids in whitening, showing a brighter, smoother complexion.


  •  This product helps to limit tyrosinase inhibitors to reduce the overproduction of melanin; and helping to removed the dead skin cells which prevent the renewal of healthier, lighter, under eye skin tone.


Shelf life

1. 3 Year


About Us

Dark Parts (trademark) and its assets are the property of Barex Tech and Innovation LLC. The products designed by scientist with melanin, for the needs of melanin skin care challenges, designed with customer pigment concerns mind. No Part of the body is Taboo, and we are the advocates of healthy uncensored skincare. Distributed by Barex Co., Parsippany, NJ

KOJi Max XL - 5 in 1 Kojic Acid Soap

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