• Melanin 25% Vitamin C L-Ascorbic and KOJi Max Kojic Acid (Day and Night Serum) with KOJi Max Kojic Acid Corrector Pen consists of a special blend of organic ingredients which aids in fighting hyperpigmentation, acne scars melasma, and cell turnover. This product contains Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin designed especially for skin types for people of color.


Melanin Vit. C 25% L- Ascorbic Acid 

     - is proven effective during day time use.


  • Melanin Vit. C 25% L- Ascorbic Acid by Dark Parts contains Hyaluronic Acid which has been scientifically proven to have hydrating, anti-aging, and melanin hyperpigmentation skin lightening properties. You can keep your skin moisturized and evenly toned, treat sun spots and sun damage with the pro max strength of Dark Parts Vitamin C Skin Face Serum.


  • Melanin Vit. C 25% L- AscorbicAcid by Dark Parts contains Glutathione which has skin lightening effects by reducing the production of melanin in the skin. As such, it is excellent for treating hyperpigmentation. It also fades out dark spots and refreshes the skin, eliminating signs of stress and tiredness on the skin.


KOJi Max TM by Dark Parts Pure Kojic Acid Serum 

     - proven effective at night time use.


  • Our Paraben Free, Gluten Free Pure Kojic Acid Serum may be used on the face as well as other areas of the body for dark spots. Perfect for bikini line darkness, under arm darkness and well as on the face. You may apply the Face Moisturizer on top of the serum for more concentration. The serum provides a concentration of Kojic acid paired with niacinamide to boost fading on a deeper level without clogging pores. The serum is a light-weight powerhouse. 


  • With its tyrosinase inhibiting ability, this safe-for-use skin lightening product removes dead skin cells and activates the production of healthier, smoother, and lighter skin, lifting years off your look.


Time Used

Apply in a thin layer onto cleansed immediately after toner but before any moisturizers or oils, allow pat into pour dont slather as 3-5 drops should cover affected area.  Use nightly, do not use at same time as Vitamin C Serum as it will affect the PH balance.  Always use sunscreen, SPF 30 is sufficient.  



Anti-melanin, Targeted Skin whitening, Skin lightening, anti-hyperpigmentation, Dark-spots removal, Anti-wrinkle, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer, Whitening 


Skin Type

Dry and Normal Skin



This is for SPOT Lightening,  and or scar blemish removal, nourishes and moisturizes melanin skin, making it smooth, even toned and wrinkle-free. 


About Us

Dark Parts (trademark) and its assets are the property of Barex Tech and Innovation LLC. The products designed by scientist with melanin, for the needs of melanin skin care challenges, designed with customer pigment concerns mind. No Part of the body is Taboo, and we are the advocates of healthy uncensored skincare. Distributed by Barex Co., Parsippany, NJ

Melanin 25% Vitamin C L-Ascorbic and KOJi Max Kojic Acid (Day and Night Serum) w

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